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Uniformed Officers are an excellent deterrent against prospective criminals.

All of our uniformed officers are issued with personal radio/mobile telephone enabling them to remain in constant contact with 24 hour control-room. Each officer completes an Assignment Log whilst on duty, a copy of which is available for site management files.

Where required and at little cost to our clients, Lewis Hart Security can install a series of electronic clocking points. This facility is particularly useful in monitoring the patrol pattern around a large factory or other similar installation. The clocking devices are usually read once per week and produce a print-out, detailing the time and date of each patrol.

Plain-clothed officers are available for store detective duties including Test Purchasing and other Audit controls and monitoring.

Location management and staff need to be reassured by the presence of a professional, diligent security officer. In recent years managers have become bogged down with matters of security instead of 'driving the business forward'. This correct utilisation of management is even more important in these competitive trading times.

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