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Lewis Hart Security provides two types of mobile security visits.

Firstly, we can visit premises outside normal working hours, confirming that the integrity of the property has not been compromised. Once again a series of electronic clocking points can be installed around the location, ensuring that a full patrol has been made. The patrol, which is usually carried out on foot include physically ensuring all the doors and windows are secure, no alarms have been activated or vandalism has been carried out against the property.

The second type of mobile visit is usually conducted on empty buildings/property, In addition to the first type of patrol our guards can inspect the interior of the location, monitoring utility connections, helping to prevent damage from water, gas or fire. After each visit we submit a copy of our Visit Report to the client. This report details the physical tour of the building, including any damage to doors or windows, possible burglary attempts, any damage or theft of stock or fixtures.

Furthermore, we are able to provide management level personnel to accompany prospective buyers for an initial viewing of the property, given reasonable notice.

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